⚠How the Covid 19 regulations and safety measures affect our clientele and what you should know before and during your visit at our studio?
According to the new Covid 19 regulations and safety measures, our customers should be aware and conform to the following:

- We are working by appointment only. Our client should visit the premises only after booking an appointment either via phone or online (email, social media etc.). Appointments are also required for discussion or consultation with an artist and for piercing.
- Our Clients during their visit at our premises have to wear a face mask at all times.
- The use of antiseptic is mandatory. It will available for you at the studio entrance.
- In case of illness or suspicion of Covid 19 related symptoms (Runny Nose, Sore throat, fever, cough, some people may experience severe manifestations, (like Pneumonia, Difficulty in Breathing) they should notify us and cancel their appointment.
⚠What protections measures are in effect at our studio in order to avoid the spread of Covid 19?
According to the recommendations of the specialists of the Ministry of Civil Protection, our studio complies fully with the following regulations.

- Distance between workstations is more than 2 meters.
- All our employees wear face masks
- Face masks are provided to clients that don’t bring their own
- We have an antiseptic liquid station at the store’s entrance
- Appointments schedule for visitors and customers adjusted to the Covid 19 regulations
- According to the Covid 19 space regulations our studio (181 square meters for main use) has the ability to host 17 people simultaneously securely (safety distances should be adhered)
- Our location has been professionally sanitized and we continue to do so daily on all surfaces. We also maintain air conditions and their filters on a regular schedule.
Are Tattoos Safe?
As long as you go to a reputable artist that is following all recommended safety precautions, getting a tattoo is perfectly safe.
Make sure you're fully honest about any medical conditions.
Does It Hurt?
Pain is really relative.
Everyone has a different tolerance for pain. We're not going to kid you, though—it does hurt. Just not that much.
A tattoo is probably a 3/10. The best comparison would be to getting a scratch on a sunburn or to having someone draw on you with a ball-point pen on a sunburn. It doesn’t feel good, but it’s more of an intermittent irritation than a constant pain.
How Much Is It Going to Cost?
There is no set tattoo cost.
Prices vary greatly, depending on size, placement and detail.
The best way to obtain an estimate is to stop by the shop and talk to one of our tattoo artists.
But, when it comes to tattoos, you get what you pay for. Yes, there are plenty of people tattooing out there that will charge very little. But, look for quality, and be willing to pay for it. Never haggle over the price of a tattoo. It is disrespectful to the artist. Think of it this way: This is a piece of art you'll wear for life.
Is there a minimum cost and why?
Yes there is !
You might not realize it, but we go through nearly the same amount of very expensive supplies to do a tattoo the size of a quarter as we do for a tattoo of a much bigger size. Everything has to be sterilized, before and after.
Moreover every tattoo shop has a lot of standard expenses to operate. Especially when we provide you with state of the art services!
Can I Find and Bring Pictures of Tattoos?
Of course. The pictures will help us understand exactly what you want, just take them to your artist to use them as guidelines. Our artist, on the other hand will welcome the challenge of creating a custom piece, just for you.
If you're getting a tattoo, especially as an expression of your individuality, why would you want a tattoo just like someone else's? Instead, find other pictures of what you're looking for and have your artist draw up a custom design for you.
What Is the Best Time of Year to Get a Tattoo?
First of all it is best if you get your tattoo on non-tanned skin.
Although you can get a tattoo any time of the year, your skin gets a lot more abuse during the summer with swimming, tanning, and just being exposed to the elements more.
Non of the above can be done for about 20 days after getting a tattoo.
So if you are willing to do so, it is your decision.
How should I prepare for my tattoo session?
Make sure you are well rested, well hydrated, and have eaten recently. Aside from that, take a shower, charge your phone or tablet up to full, and don’t bring in your 50 closest friends (1-2 are fine).
What Should I wear for my Tattoo Session?
It’s more important to be comfortable than to be fashionable. Looser is better than tighter, and keep in mind you want to be able to cover up certain places that might show, depending on where you're getting your tattoo.

What do you recommend for After Care?

·   Leave the tattoo bandaged for a minimum of 5 to 6 hours.

·   Gently remove bandage, gently pat the tattoo with a clean wet paper towel, making sure you remove all excess ointment, blood and ink. 

·   Apply a thin layer of Bepanthol Cream (the one with the pink line)

·   Repeat above process for the next 24 - 36 hours. 

·   The Bepanthol Cream can be applied to the tattoo daily for about 10-15 days or until the tattoo is finished peeling.

·   Once bandage is completely removed DO NOT re-bandage the tattoo.

·   NO working out for at least 48 hours! It’s better if you wait until your tattoo is completely healed.

·   DO NOT pick or scratch tattoo while it is peeling.

·   DO NOT soak the tattoo for 3 weeks. No swimming, baths, hot tubs or saunas for 3 weeks.

·   NO shaving or waxing the area until tattoo is completely healed.

·   DO NOT apply alcohol, vaseline, petroleum jelly or sun block to the fresh tattoo.

·   NO direct sunlight on tattoo for the first 3 weeks. Once it is healed, if you go out in the sun, use a high SPF sun block.

·   DO NOT listen to your friends or so-called tattoo experts. If you have questions, call/text/email or visit the artist that did your tattoo!!

·   First 3 days, some ink can come out with plasma. It’s nothing to worry about but always wear clean shirts and sleep on clean sheets.