A bit of History 

Ranging from the lip and tongue in ancient African cultures, the nose and ears in Israel, and the nipples in Rome, the history of putting sharp objects through the body is dated back almost to 5000 years ago. 

Piercings in ancient times could have signified multiple things such as marks of prostitution, the wealth of the husband, and also so demons couldn't enter your brain.

Types of Piercing 

Ear piercing (lobe, tragus, helix, industrial)
Facial piercing (eyebrows, nose, lips, tongue)
Belly button piercing 
Nipple and Genital piercing 
Surface piercing
Body Suspension
Our unique team of artists, includes Todoris Ome, our piercer, that he also practices a very specific form of body modification and suspension. 
Body suspension means the act of rigging a human body to hang from implements that have been placed carefully and in a very specific way - very similar to the process of piercing - through temporary perforations in the skin.
The process requires special equipment and an extreme knowledge of body anatomy from the piercer. It can be arranged in private sessions or private gatherings that of course have all requirements needed. 
For more details you can come in contact with the DrPepper team.