Tasos Dimopoulos (Tass) has been a member of the Dr Pepper family for 9 years. 

Born and raised in Athens, he knew that he would become a tattoo artist from the age of 14 years old. And so did all of his friends!  

He focuses on Dark Realistic and Japanese Tattoos. 

His first ever tattoo was an eye that had three legs. He never found it to be weird, he truly believes that an eye with legs is a very common thing to come across, especially if the legs are three!

What makes him really happy though, is to create the perfect result, exactly as he had it in mind, exceeding the clients expectations, whenever he creates a new tattoo. 


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Best of show - Athens TattooConvention

2nd Best Black and Gery tattoo- Innsbruck TattooConvention

2nd Best of Day tattoo- Innsbruck TattooConvention

2nd Best Asian tattoo- Brussels TattooConvention

2nd Best Japanese tattoo- Athens TattooConvention

3rd Japanese big (14th Athnes tattoo convention)


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